Get a list inside a Google Sheets cell

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I need help with something simple, but I can’t find the solution.
As you can see, I am saving one or more lists within a Google Sheet cell, which is no problem.
I have the problem when I try to retrieve that value from the cell, and it tells me that said value is not a list.
How do I convert it to a list? How do I retrieve it as a list? Am I saving it wrong?

Thank you very much



First convert the return value into list by using the block list from CSV table text

I fully understand doing that. The problem is that it generates a list of only one element.
For example: (1 2 3 (A B C D)) is a list of 4 elements, and the 4th element is another list of 4 elements.
When using the block “list from CSV table” or “list from CSV record” I identify the entire block “(1 2 3 (A B C D))” as a single element.