Get a random item from a list without repetition


I made a quiz app that gets data from airtable and store offline using tinydb and lists.
I want it to be random but it still shows duplicates.

Like it shows index 2 for three times and I want it to only be showed once for every index.

here are my blocks:

here are a few of my blocks that maybe causing the problem.
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Check if this :point_down: snippet by @Taifun helps you in any way

How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates?


The RemoveDuplicate method in ListUtils extension by Appybuilder can also help


it can’t do the trick. tried that before. sorry.

Why exactly is the provided solution not working for you? Error messages would help

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No error message. it just shows the already shown item

updated the post. few of my blocks might be causing the problem.

You are using the indicator.Text block even before it gets any value. I think this may be the problem. Also the blocks are not arranged as per the snippet/provided(if you are taking it as a reference)


Please help me here… I have been doing same but i am stuck in indicator part that he has kept in his block. How do put indicator to my quiz??

My blocks aren’t optimized but its working ,

Can you please help me by showing three more of your blocks… Initialize, call spreadsheet and quiz button click… I am little stuck

Yes sure ,

help me here… I need to make my questions random.

it aleady has been said in this thread how to do it…
How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates?

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EDIT (following @Taifun’s reply): It’s sufficent if a solutionis marked.

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topics usually close automatically after a while…
you don’t have to remind anyone to close topics… thank you…


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