Get a tag list from TinyWebDB?


Does anybody know how to get a list of tags from a TinyWebDB database ?
How to get the same result as this : image but with TinyWebDB

I guess you have to use the “Get Tag” block but I don’t know what to put in it

Thanks in advance :wink:

This may pose a security issue because if the public ServiceURL is used, it could potentially bring back everyone’s Tags :slight_smile:

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I wanted to make an “TinyWebDB Manager” app but it won’t be possible then :confused:

As alternative, what you could do is to maintain a master tag; e.g. fg28_projA_master_tag

Then everytime you want to store a new tag, get the master tag (default “”). Then append to that your new tag (CSV format; e.g. TAG2_VAR,). Everytime you retrieve your master-tag, you can use “list from csv row” to get list of your tags to get access to individual tags


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