Get airtable column response

I was wondering how when I type a code in the first textbox it queries in the airtable the name of the product and list in the label “product name”

obs: airtable is already configured in kodular

obs2: attached photos of the app and the table

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It would be much easier with firebase.

This blocks doesn’t take consideration if the result is not found. You may have to set a search timer to show a notification if the result is found or not.

Most easier with MySql.

 SELECT `DESCRIPTION` FROM `Table_Name` WHERE `PRODUTOID`= `text_box.text`

Is that after getting “All Rows” or how is it??? I don’t know how to use MySql

MySql and Airtable are quite different.

There is no need to get all rows.
Just run query and result will be returned in CSV Table text format.