Get cell in Thunkable is simple than Kodular, why?

Can Kodular be more simple. Get Cell with Airtable is very easy with 1 sentence in Thunkable.
In Kodular, we must use Call method and When get cell Method

Don’t you think online database and local database are different?
Have you checked TinyDB component?

Thank you for your help. But when I search TinyDB, I think it cant use a table. Exactly?

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Have you tested Sqlite?

Create indexes for tables, relationship in tables, ACID…
You won’t have this in the spreadsheet either.

Thank you, I will try. But it is free?

Yes. It’s a local database.

Thank. But I want use online database for my App. When I Update my information in my Table, then my App will update to. I think that local database is stored in a phone and online database is stored on internet. Is it true?

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I have 600 multiple choice questions and I want to make app with this. So, what do you think what database for me. In Thunkable (do you know this), we can get Cell Item very easy. But It is not Free.

With the help of air table you can do it .
I made same app with the help of airtable.

It mean I can find with [] or with Can you help me for more detail. Thank so much

Use spreadsheet component
Save your values in airtable spreadsheet .
Make coloumns I.e questions and all options like. a b c d. And answer column
Then get value.

Yes. I had a table, but I dont know how to get multiple cell value. Because we have method Call and Event Got value.

Mysql database :+1:

I hope by this method, you can get all the data in the screen init itself and by using index number you can take whatever the value you want from your airtable.


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