Get contact name from phone number

As you can see from the title i want get the contact name from phone number, is it possible?

You can use ‘Contact Picker’ component to get the contact name

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I tried it but doesn’t work…
Let me clarify… my app will send an sms that says “Hi, [contact name] now i can’t answer, call me later”… the app has to replace [contact name] with the name of who is calling me.

Please, show the blocks you use.

i mean the blocks of the contact picker.


you have to put the get global name in place of the here will be the caller name text block

Ok, but i must select a contact from the contact picker first? or it will get the contact name from “phonecall2.phonenumber”?

yes you have to select a contact in this example. But i guess you wanted an automatic name search when you get the number calling you.

Yes, i want this

Couldn’t find a sample of what you want.

Is possible do it? if not could someone make an extension for that?
Thanks for the replyes!

Maybe it can be added to the texting component.

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