Get Device Metrics → DisplayMetrics │ Resolution - Density - Font scaling

With this extension you can get various information about the screen → DisplayMetrics:

screen dimensions, aspect ratio, pixel resolution, dp (or density-independent pixel, Android’s logical pixel), density, font scale, …

GetMetrics.aix (6.7 KB)

Example - blocks



Any apk for directly check my device metrics and extension also?

displayMetrics.apk (5.3 MB)

If your (test) device has a physical navigation bar, then you should disable the above checkbox. If the device has no physical navigation, the height of the screen including the navbar is displayed.

Pixel 2XL

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Hi, How better use for different devices and for shadow?

1440x2891 (560dpi)

other resolution, density, fontscale:
540x960 (240dpi)

blocks - 2022-05-17T200455.626

Explain in more detail…

As I undestood it the question is how to set shadow settings to follow font settigs and looks the same

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yes, on different devices, equal size text and equal shadow.

solved) for shadow need else multiply xDensity

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