Get error with mysql database

I got data gated many times inside the app but after some time I received this error

Why not show your blocks you are using?

blocks (1)

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your response content is not what you expected…
you might want to display it in a label to it find out…
which php version are you using on the server?



It can be: this function get_magic_quotes_gpc ()function is no longer used since PHP 5.4.0. and you are using a version above.

If using this function, remove it.

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I found an solution. but i don’t that is solution is or not.

config php file in Public_Html in are already wordpress install; and in sub-folder of confing php file there.

i tried with create dub-domain and put config php file there. and problem are solve

but i don’t know how it is… if you know plz comment

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