Get Facebook Page Source Text From Web View

hi , i try to get facebook page likes count , i tried facebook api but i don’t understood any thing …

and tried WEB Comp… But she asks me to log in on Facebook, and I don’t know how …

So I tried more and found a way, which is through the Source of the page on the web view …

But I need to convert this number into text in the application, in the labels, for example …

I tried to do this via JavaScript, but I couldn’t …

Is there someone who can help me? :frowning:

or can i convert this site to text file ?

can you show the response of the facebook api. So, I can help you how to parse the response.

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i used this link HTTP/1.1

** i’m not an admin on this page

and this the result

“error”: {
“message”: “Unknown path components: /likes HTTP/1.1”,
“type”: “OAuthException”,
“code”: 2500,
“fbtrace_id”: “AiIRFirfgv1SSwJI5wtsF64”

tried it from facebook guide

I think this is a problem caused by API Authentication. Did you try on other posts?


This is a page, not a post

Sometimes there I am asked for Access Token for the page, but I am not the admin on those pages

@Jaxparrow **note, I do not know how to use Facebook API …

It could be my fault here, :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: but I only want the number of likes

It requires pages_read_engagement to get information about a page. So, this only works for the page owners. You can only do this on the pages you own. Also, you need a Access Token (Unique for every user). If they or you authenticate the app to get the Access Token it will ask for which page to get the likes for

The access token is generated on which pages you select to access. Unchecked pages cannot be accessed using the token.

Using API is much easier to get the required data. But, in this scenario. Getting the information through the API is harder.

2 Main Problems.
User Token and the Pages to access the access token is generated on this and limited to selected pages of the user.

I hope you will get some information from this.

Well… You can find other ways to get the likes as you posted above. But, parsing the value is not easier since the value is in the middle of somewhere.

@Jaxparrow can i convert the page in web view to text file ?

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