Get image URLs from airtable


I am trying to set components image from airtable column with row number.( If column=X, row number=1 then set component1 image to first URL . If column=X, row number=2 then set component2 image to second URL.) I tried like this but not working. May you help?

You have not stored got column values in rownumver list

Simple delete the variable ( row number ) and use value instead.


Just set the value before declaring.

blocks (1)

I tried with get values but still not working.

First set the global value before getting it.

now what you to do
remove all block from spreadsheet got column

now when you got column you will first set url(the list variable) to get value
the in for loop you have to set from 1 to length of url list.
and then
if get number(from for loop) is equal to 1 then set swipeview image to select list item in which list will be url(variable) and idex will be number. and set for if get number = 2 then… and so on…

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