Get List days in a week

Hello koders, before of all im sorry for my bad english.
I want to ask a question:
Is it possible to get list of days in a week based on their region. Eg: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc.
Im trying to search on this forum and google, but the result is nothing.
Im trying to get third day in a week, but its occurs error.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

To get the weekday name you should do this


Why do you want to put them in a list?

I want to make a drop down that contain a list of day. So i can set different day for each person.
Like this:

This is a way to get the weekday names in a list.

But i guess they should be in a certain order. I have to go to work in a few minutes so can not help you with that but it is a start.

I found it

I choose a day from which i knew it started on a sunday. Kodular weeks start on sunday and end on a saturday.


Amazing, its work… Thank you so much Peter…
God bless you

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But you can make the Monday as first day of the week by changing item positions. :grin:

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