Get Location Info Via Latitude & Longitude

Nice Work, Appreciated

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Well done keep it up.

I’m curious as to know how this is different from the Address block the Location Sensor component has.
Does the precision of the address as fetched from the extension differ from the built-in component in any way?

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Hey @Vishwas you are absolutely right, the extension is totally different from the built-in component.Actually i found that the built-in component is not returning the exact address [ sometimes ] of the given lat & lng so i used, reverseGeocode method of google map to get the exact address of given lat & lng.


@Vishwas Kodular built in component should have some extra block to set latitude and longitude. As it only returns adress of current latitude and longitude.

Also I want to say that this two extension and the built-in coponent all of them uses the same thing GeoCoding api so all af them works same and sometimes returns wrong infos.

Try this - lat=37.95111 long=23.71431 . It returns Turkey but the actual location is Greece

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I’m not entirely sure we would want to implement that, considering the component is a “sensor”. It makes sense for a sensor to show data about what it’s sensing, and not give output based on custom user input. Adding such blocks would mean the component would no longer be a sensor.
It makes more sense for such a component to be in the Utilities category, but since such a new component will have only two/three blocks, limited functionality, and a small use-case, I think it’s best to leave this to the extension developers.


Please suggest me if i should add or remove blocks in this extension.

Parabéns pela extensão, muito útil, mas poderia retornar em JSON para que se possa isolar cada elemento do endereço e extrair só o que preciso. Exemplo: Cidade e País.
Agradeço sua atenção.

it gives the error message: “service invoked too many times for one day”

Dear All
I Modified the aia to be auto location
GetLocationInfo.aia (11.8 KB)

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it would be different: Get the latitude and longitude after typing in the text box the address and its number?

Sure if you are planning to create gps tracking app it will help you to do that

You can use an api which has ‘reverse geocoding’ method.

again same problem
it gives the error message: “service invoked too many times for one day”

I downloaded the extension.
But it is taking 2:00 minutes to show the address of my location.
Does anyone know how to avoid this problem. I need it to be instant.

Hello @Rogerio_Rios,
Can you send the blocks you have written?

I used the code from @asdc_allforone.

thats beacuse i but get location info on location changed

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Sorry, I don´t understand.