Get music volume of devices

how to get the correct music volume of devices?
Taifun Settings not correct.

Do you think the settings mentioned in this page is not working?

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system written permission done.
brightness perfectly working .
but volume not working

Why dont you use the default block given in the kodular,//

working fine this block… Please try

blocks (2)

utilities >> Audio


what exctly does not work?
please elaborate and try an example as simple as possible for example like this
set Label1.Text to TaifunSettings.VolumeMusic

Taifun does not show the original music volume of the device. He shows that I had given value to the music volume.

correct, thanks for your helping.

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Welcome @mihacker

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what happens, if you do not set those values in the designer?

setting the volume is only possible in the paid app, because this needs write settings permission… it looks like I better should have removed these 3 properties for the free version after the SDK26 release


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