Get Online Time and Date using web

Hello everyone.
This is my tutorial to get time & date online using web component…

To get online date & time you required 3 component…

  1. Web Component to get date & time
  2. Lable to show date & time in app
  3. Clock to refresh or get data from web in every second ( You can change Clock Interval)


In this block i used to get data from web in every 3 second

In this 2nd block when I got response from web in text format
In lable 1 I just set the limit from where to get response .
In 2nd label I just set the limit till where the response text will end ( if you don’t use such block then whole site will shown ) . The length & start block i use to limit the length of response…
In 3rd label I just replace the unwanted response text & only show the Time & Date…

Website I used to get data is :

Timedate.aia (2.3 KB)

Thank You. Hope you all Like the Tutorial…


I would just put the aia in the post and don’t expect a response first. Can you explain also why you use all the segment and replace blocks. Maybe show what you are getting from the website. Your image is cut of i see.


Ya i just use website & i post the website link also

Ya i will edit the post… & also explain about the use of that segment, replace block & all…

Sorry for inconvenience & Thanks for help…

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Hi!.. How could I get the same data in Spanish?

If you will. Provide me any site I can try…

Hi @Ariel_Gallo

Why not try an NTP server?
It gives you most accurate and local time.

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That’s one of the Best Solution…

Thanks I’ll try

You can try this…
This aia also taking time from web but in this I used the world time site…
Just select your country… Paste that url in web url & alll done…


thanks, you have been a great help!

These are the best API services for getting time (Free)
These are top results on Google and the best
Search on Google: time api

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Ya i am using world clock site to get time…
Using web…
Thank you @sonumohammad333 for sharing such valuable APIs…

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Who I show only time and date in lable in form of MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss
Because I want to make a countdown.

Hey, Which is the best method to get OnlineDateTime By Using this Extension DateTools : Some tools to work with date and time which is created by @vknow360

Or I Should use this api
Provided By @sonumohammad333

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Hey Use This

This will return data in json format then pick unixtime by kodular dictionary block

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Extension is better as we all know @vknow360 is always there to solve the issue …


Thank you. when I checked it. these API doesn’t fulfil my needs


There is a very old topic
It gives a different but successful way

good job

That using api…
I am using website not api…


You can add the other way and this topic will be more useful

We don’t know if your method or the method I published works forever

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