Get profile picture from Firebase_Authentication not working

When I used current user success to set an image to the user’s Google profile it does not work (when compiled to apk). I even set it to alert me what link is used to set the image and used the link but it works fine. Help?

The block in question:

You have to use the API Rest:

should I place my firebase key into the DB_APIKEY? All of these completely alien to me

that’s right, put your key and get the token after login


I assume I have to put the profile url into “photoURL” right? also I ran into an error, I could not pinpoint what exactly is the problem but I bet it has to do something with this:

this was the error

@Gaston still did not get user profile

I found the solution now, I just had to turn off high quality images or pass it on a load images async block

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