Get PushToken of FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)?

good morning great creators …

as some bad news confirmed that OneSignal is blocked in my country (Egypt) since September 2019 :sob:, i search about another provider for Notifications service with api as it very important for any real app.

finally i found PushWoosh :heart_eyes:, With great API …

the problem now is i need to have (Push Token) that firebase give it to the device for register it to the PushWoosh Notification … the SDK can get it automatically but as i use API i cant

so :

1 - is there any method in creator to get the pushtoken of FCM ?

2 - is there any method to get it by calling the firebase api ?

3 - if 1&2 is just a dream … can writing an extension with java code handling with FCM SDK give me the PushToken of the device to use it ? ( i guess any notification service will need it , not just PushWoosh … as all depend on FCM in anddroid)

hope to get help , any ideas or another suggestions …

many thanks

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any ideas or suggestions please ?