Get status bar height extension request

Hello everyone,
I hope all are well. I need to get device status bar height but currently it not available in kodular component. I already used Reflex. But the developer tell me its not for device status bar height. so anyone can extension for it i already research on this topic and got it

If anyone can make it, please help me

Hi @Avijit,

It seems as though you’ve taken my reply the wrong way. You can get the navigation bar and status bar height, but it’s not meant to be used for components’ heights and widths… It’s just there to do some sort of calculating if needed. Additionally, the method I use is full proof and works for almost every device. Using the method you listed could end up not working.


:octopus: Nathan

No, it not like that.

I need to set status bar height = component height for some cool ui

Any way to get it ?

Hi again @Avijit,

I’m not sure what your “cool ui” is, however setting the status bar height for a component is too small for anything besides, maybe spaces. Other than that, there’s no need for it.

If you want to download an earlier version of Reflex which added the GetStatusBarHeight, then you can do so and it will work properly for your device, but possibly not for others.


:octopus: Nathan

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@hammerhai This block is working in my device to get status and navigation bar size

But I don’t know if it will work on other devices

@hammerhai can you tell me whats wrong in my block

Its working in live testing but not working in apk ( its showing status bar height 0 navigation bar height also 0 )

yes, it is working in companion, but not working in apk
(tried in two ways)



@hammerhai please fix the bug

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Maybe something like this:


Let me check

Hi @avijitda,

I will no longer be helping you with this issue as it seems to have been resolved.


:octopus: Nathan

But any way to check navigation bar have or not. Because in all mobile dont have navigation bar

@hammerhai As your wish,
But whats solution for this problem :point_down: