Get text From JSON

Hey Dear Sir !

I Have A JSON Format

{“PnrNumber”:“8509357089”,“Status”:“SUCCESS”,“ResponseCode”:“200”,“TrainNumber”:“12542”,“TrainName”:“LTT GKP SUP EXP”,“JourneyClass”:“SL”,“ChatPrepared”:“NO”,“From”:“LOKMANYATILAK T [LTT]”,“To”:“BADSHAHNAGAR [BNZ]”,“JourneyDate”:“2019-10-21”,“Passangers”:[{“Passenger”:“Passenger 1”,“BookingStatus”:“PQWL//36”,“CurrentStatus”:“PQWL 28//28”},{“Passenger”:“Passenger 2”,“BookingStatus”:“PQWL//37”,“CurrentStatus”:“PQWL 29//29”},{“Passenger”:“Passenger 3”,“BookingStatus”:“PQWL//38”,“CurrentStatus”:“PQWL 30//30”},{“Passenger”:“Passenger 4”,“BookingStatus”:“PQWL//39”,“CurrentStatus”:“PQWL 31//31”}]}

I Want To Get Some Data From The Above JSON Format I Am So Confuse With New Component Added From Kodular Eagle Can AnyOne help Me

I Want To Get All Belowe Data In labels
  1. Status

  2. Train No.

  3. TrainName.

  4. JourneyClass

  5. Chat Preared

  6. From

  7. To

  8. JourneyDate

  9. Booking Status

  10. Current Status

First you have to show what you have tried so far.

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This is yr readable JSON :sweat_smile: :

	“PnrNumber”: “8509357089”,
	“Status”: “SUCCESS”,
	“ResponseCode”: “200”,
	“TrainNumber”: “12542”,
	“TrainName”: “LTT GKP SUP EXP”,
	“JourneyClass”: “SL”,
	“ChatPrepared”: “NO”,
	“JourneyDate”: “2019 - 10 - 21”,
	“Passangers”: [
		“Passenger”: “Passenger 1”,
		“BookingStatus”: “PQWL36”,
	 	“Passenger”:“Passenger 2”,
	  	“CurrentStatus”:“PQWL 2929”
	  “Passenger”:“Passenger 3”,
	  “CurrentStatus”:“PQWL 3030”
	{“Passenger”:“Passenger 4”,
	 “CurrentStatus”:“PQWL 3131”

Nothing Yet Bcz I am Confused

Helo @Srrazmi
U will need an extension…
JSON Tools from Luke Gackle.

Don’t forget to credit him.

Get it - json tools.aix (14.3 KB) .

Here are the blocks for help - :smile:
(Do same for rest blocks :smile: )

Thanks! :wink:


Or you can use the JSON Utils component in the Utilities category


Not Working

Here Is A Page Url

What’s not happening?
What blocks are u using?
Please post them for help.

Not Working
Not working will not work for this.

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Why Sir ? ?

Can you please .aia here?
So, I can check where the problem is.

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Maybe you should leave these web properties like this:

If you get data from your url and put it in a label, you get this:

Obviously this is not a JSON…

It seems that the web generates Json with a Javascript and the web component does not support or does not execute Javascritp.