Get the first value after selecting in spinner

Does anyone here have an idea how to get the first value after selecting in spinner? Like this case, if I am going to select 1 seat then the amount text will turn to 137 and if I select 3 seats, the amnt text will turn to 411 (since I multiply 3 by 137). Then if I select 1 again, the amnt text will be back to its first value which is 137? BTW the 137 value will depends on the selected branch and the route so it is changeable. Thanks in advance! :sweat_smile:

You could use an if …then statement , if selected branch is … then amount is seat spinner selection x branch value

then how can I get the first value if I select a number of seats in spinner again? I keep trying it but the number keeps increasing instead of decreasing. huhu

Post a screenshot of your blocks, what you have tried so far

Here for the route:

Here for after selecting a seat:

Try to change blocks set global stored amount to 137, set amnt text to get global stored amount

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Okay, how about the second screenshot?

Set it get selection x global stored amount


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