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Hello community!

I’m new to the subject and I’m making an app for counting people in an establishment, counting how many people come and go.
The first version worked fine, but now I was asked to do it in order to count all the entrances of the establishment and for that I used airtable. I was able to store the value in airtable but I’m not able to display that value in a text box.
can you help me?

I store the value of text box 2 in airtable and I want to make text box 3 pull this stored value so that the count can be made by more than one person.


Use when got cell.

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Sorry, I don’t know how to, can you gimme the way?

I didn’t get it right, but the summary of the opera is that you need the app to show a result and for that result to be seen by other users.

Did you try This ?
Numbox3 .text ?

set = place, assign
get = receive

I’m not sure how to send the value of airtable in numbox3, I already tried these shapes located but I don’t know exactly how to use them, which sequence of blocks

You are changing the numbox2 when you click the button more or less If there was a change, you are recording the value of this numbox2 in the sreadsheet. Take this value in thiis event show it in numbox3.

Look at the Value Return. Maybe I can help you.

and tried with response Code too

I tried:


None works :slightly_frowning_face:

Do not work, I only want to get airtable value to show in numbox3 but nothing work.

Please, any way?

What is the result that is presented? Did you do “It It” on the blocks?
Did You try : Take this value in thiis event show it in numbox3 ?

I tried, result in nothing, numbox3 dont get value

Try this , delete call speadsheet1.Get Cell from when Spreadsheet1.Got Cell


and put in when Spreadsheet1 Cell Changed



Well, this works perfect! :open_mouth:

I thank everyone for their support and tips! Thanks so much!

Glad I would help , if you wish you can mark my answer as solution :slight_smile:

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