Get value from firebase

When I change Firebase to userID, I can’t invite data from Firebase.
Is there an error I haven’t seen?
Please Help.

data userid

Hey it not a bug,you are missing out some blocks in .Got value block you have to specify that for which value should be should be stored in which label. Use ‘IF’ statement like below
blocks (3)

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I made the adjustment but gave me an empty value …
Is the reason is to change Firebase

Because you make user id as project bucket so you have to enter that user ID in firebase project bucket to call data…

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Store values by making a list like this

Then get it, instead of start value you use get value


Set firebase bucket to ‘users’

Value will store like this

Bucket - users
Tag - user name
1st value - user name
2nd value - email id
3rd value - profile pic url

When you call data it will look like this


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