Get value from list view

Hello every one
HOw can i get value from list view during this blocks

What do you mean you appear in the wrong section

Do not post your own number here

According to your ListView item format;

Name + " " + Number (or IMEI)

You can use these blocks:


TextBox1 is your TextBox component which IMEI will be written. Replace it with your current TextBox.
ListView1 is your ListView component which contains all items. Replace it with your current ListView.
Button4 is your Button component which will search in the list after clicked. Replace it with your current button.

Also note that, text blocks are not empty, they have an space inside. " "


  1. All items are split at " " space.
  2. Blocks are checking if TextBox’s text matches with one of all IMEIs. (by selecting the second part of ListView Item)
  3. If the condition returns true, matched IMEI’s name is displaying on the label.
  4. After displaying on the label, the current loop is stopping by break block.
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