Getfo: Get all info about your Android phone (Guide with AIA)

Components -

Getfo.aia (11.4 KB)
Hope it helped :grinning: !
Extensions used -
KIO4 Gradient Extension by


wow three guides in a day

You should also attach an apk file

Your guides are too short :sweat_smile:

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I think you have to do your guides more complete :sweat_smile:
Try to pick up a few tips from other Koders Guides and try to improve yours. :blue_heart: :kodular: :wink:
Good luck!

No one is demotivating you, they are giving you Suggestion to improve your guide.

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No-one is Demotivating you.
You just got few suggestions.

None of us is Forcing you.
You are Suggested to write more Fruitful Guides.

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Hi @Tekwizer,

I wonโ€™t delete your guide. Making guides is also a learning process and not always easy. Users will try to give you tips i hope. Explain the blocks and not just show them. In your case you use the device_utilities component. Maybe explain where you can find it and what it does. Etc. etc. Those tips you can take with you to your next guide.

Keep making guides and always think about if someone new to the subject would understand what is said.


Either way I had changed my mind :sweat_smile:

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