Getting 2 Sound Errors - 710 & 703 on some Mobile Phones -

Here is my app, just uploaded version 3 on google play store as APK file ( Note: didn’t uploaded as aab. App bundle file )

On my phone its working completely file, I didn’t face single time Both Errors-

But some users complaint me that they are facing this problem. I tried everywhere but unable to found any solution.


  1. My sounds files are less then 50kb
  2. I am using .ogg format
  3. Using sound component because Exo Player didn’t play sound like sound component.
  4. My whole app is single screen based.
  5. I also had taken permission for external storage.

Now please resolve this issue or its a #feedback:bugs , if please report.

Thank You

As I already suggested in your other Thread relating this app: use the player component . Or the Taifun player as this one is capable to loop wav or ogg gapless.
My crystal ball also tells me that the errors may come from a memory overflow because you are trying to play files that are longer than the sound component is capable on some devices.

I am already using 15 players to play continuous sounds and if i use more then 15 players it gave error.

Secondly players and other such components are slow and also dont provide proper output of sound as compared to sound component. I tried all

Thirdly, i am not using loop to play sound and the file size is less then 50kb and also the duration is less then 5 sec.

And thats why i asked to test yourself. @Django_s_Android_App

Please provide me proper solution or report as bug if its a bug.

I was able to reproduce the error with AI2 (see → here) on a Pixel 2XL (Android 11):

To get around that, I would suggest either using the Screen.ErrorOccured event or just creating the animal sounds as → mono tracks.

Note: I have to click button1 twice to start the sound, if I don’t use the Screen.ErrorOccured.

Thank you so much for the response,

But Screen.Erroroccured will just gave a warning to the user and also create a disturbing that the app is of errors. Is this will solve the issue ?

Whats the mono track ? Didn’t understand @bodymindpower

Please tell me what should i do so that user will not face this problem, anything you say.

(Just please don’t suggest me to use player, exoplayer, taifunplayer)
Otherthen whatever you say will do ma’am

I’ve only shown this for explanation.

So put only the Sound.Play block in the Screen.ErrorOccured event and the user will not see the error message. The event is only triggered if an error occurs.

Mono tracks:
Sounds that are played with the sound component should not be longer than 4-5 seconds. But this also seems to depend on the device and the sound quality as well as whether the sound is a stereo or mono track. Since stereo effects are hardly relevant for such short sounds, I would recommend using mono tracks. Unfortunately, the sound component is very opaque in this regard.

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Btw, the affected user sees the error anyway.

The Screen.ErrorOccured event is only there to catch the error. If you leave this block empty, the error will not appear. But then the sound will only be played after the play button has been clicked for the second time. So put the Sound.Play block into it. This solved the issue on my Pixel XL.

In addition, this block is harmless anyway. So you can’t do anything wrong with it (unless there are other errors that we don’t want to assume).

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wow, you are a true genius :raised_hands: :clap:

Now it works completely fine the way you tell me, fabulous job thanks a lot.

But still its a bug right ?

Btw seriously great job, you even find a solution using some blocks of a bug in kodular.

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