Getting an error when using Extended Web Viewer Extension

I’m getting an error when i use Extended Web Viewer Extension given below -

com.ghostfox.moliata.ExtendedWebViewer…aix (14.6 KB)

and the error looks like this -

i am using this extension to download file from any website using my TBrowser and i will use android download manager or any other browser to download the file.

so if anyone knows how to fix this, kindly share your concept.

It’s incompatible with Makeroid WebViewer component.

so how can i download files from a normal webviewer. is there any altenative way?

Use the Download component.

i think download component doesnt work with the webviewer component…

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When the Download Link is clicked, set Download URL to it, and Download. It should work. I haven’t done it myself.

how do i seperate download links from other links available in a web viewer, a web viewer may contain more than one link, so how do you differentiate between them.

Download links are usually slightly different. A 2-3 char subdomain, or a “dl” subdirectory is present usually.

nope… thats not entirely true… sometimes files can be stored like this too -

You can add more types of Links.

can you show me your idean using blocks

Well, make a list, and if a link matches one of the types, Download.

ok ill try

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Wait for an upcoming update to Webviewer, then you’ll be able to capture download links and have them downloaded with the Download component.

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I have done this earlier but only png,jpg,pdf these files can be download

i have managed to create the download option, for now only [PNG,JPG,JPEG,GIF,DOCX,DOC,PDF,MP3,MP4,MKV] extension file with direct file link can be downloaded from this browser. I’ll add some more file formats in the next update.

Download New Version TBrowser - TBrowser.apk (4.1 MB)

thanks to @Kanishka_Developer for suggeting me this -

& @FUTUREDEV for the blocks concept from his post - Check if text is an url
& @Domhnall for his Thunksten: An Open Source Web Browser.

again… Thanks to everyone who helped me on this topic.


Hello I am a makeroid app creator
I want to make my own website application
In my app everything worked as just fine
But when i want to Download APK files it’s not working please help

Simple solution is - Check if the url you are loading contains any .apk extension. If it does then set that link as download link and use download component to download that apk file.

For more help you can join my whatsapp group at -

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how can i download extended web viewer

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