Getting and playing video online from firebase storage (project bucket)

Hello everyone!

I am a newbie to both Makeroid and Firebase. I know how to read and write data in Firebase. But I want to upload/download/view videos to and from Firebase. Is that possible? (how to set videoplayer path to firebase project bucket?). I need this becase I am planning to make an app which play a live video which is uploaded to firebase by Raspberry Pi… I really need help on this… (For example, my project bucket URL is gs://

Hi for upload and download videos from firebase you need to use de @mirxtrem_apps extension firebase storage, it’s very simple, read this extension and if you have more doubts question again


you’re welcome :wink:

where do i get this extension ??

Search the forum before asking for things that already have answers etc.

yes actually i searched the forum for the extension link, but i did not find the firestore extension specifically created by mirxtrem , hence i asked ??
So if u can find the link please place it here ?

This extension was made two years ago
Kodular has Firebase Storage Component now