Getting data from TinyDB as list

Hello anyone, Im creating a list, but I dont know why it does not show as list after getting it from TinyBD.

I retrive the data with cards

Seems like gathering from TinyDb all I get is one slot

I Tested getting it from the actual list in the save view, and it actually works, the problem is when I get the values

Here is my Saving block


See a simple example of how to manipulate tinyDB and list in Need Help with List-View - #2 by dora_paz and modify your blocks accordingly

The way you save data is creating list with lists

That’s what I did. I saved lists to TinyDB, but for some reason it works when I just add a new Item, once I refresh or change screen it is stored as row


What happens if you delete make a list block and everywhere that you use call tinyDB use create an empty list block if value is not there

I changed it after I read your post. Seems that the same is happening


Did you changed when card view click and did you remove make a list blocks ?

It just worked for me sr! Thanks! @dora_paz thanks for your time!

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