Getting donations for Kodular and local nonprofits

Hi, I have used MIT App Inventor for over four years. Now that I discovered Kodular, I would like to come up with some ways to generate donations for Kodular as well as nonprofits and NGOs. I am working with some local nonprofits to teach unskilled workers how to develop Android apps. One of the young people that contacted me is a bright 12 year old Koder who expressed an interest in teaching workshops via Zoom. I would be happy to develop short courses and workshops and use it to develop simple apps like Barcode apps that can be used by local nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits have budgets for community projects, especially those that can cut costs and provide innovative ways to generate donations for their operations. The best way to find nonprofits is to via In any case, this could be a way to generate funds using Zoom training sessions and motivate young people in India and Africa to share their learning skills and get paid. Pls see if you can approve this and have anyone else interested in teaching and/or doing some remote volunteer work. Best, Cal Tiger, Director, STEM Skills and Ukraine Relief efforts. Thanks.

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