Getting JSON data without web component

Hello everyone!
I am trying to get JSON data without the need for a Web Component (just as it is for images; see image). I tried googling but cant find a solution. Does anyone have an idea?

What I want to do (demonstrated with an image):

Use json file and edite

Thanks, but that still won´t solve the problem since I still have to get the data from somewhere, which would be the Web Components I want to avoid.

to get data from somewhere, use the web component…
why exactly don’t you want to use it?



Because it makes getting data while running a function incredibly hard. In python, you would do:

def getData(url):
__data = requests.get(url)

while data would contain the data. I would like to replicate that.

I don’t think making web request synchronously is any good. It will block the process and lag your app. Instead, why not assigning the variable when the web components finish fetching the result and continue your functions there?

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you have to get used to asynchronous event processing…
The model of event processing in App Inventor by Lyn