Getting name, email to show up on app, write these values to a google sheet


I am creating an app that allows users in my office to report their stress levels and health with their current location. How do I get their firebase registered usernames and email to appear in the “my profile” section of my app? Also their answers gets logged on a google sheet with their stress ratings and health ratings as well as longitude and latitude values. I am able to get these but also would want their usernames (and email) to get logged on the google sheet as well.

I have tried endlessly to find the answers here but can’t find. I am able to achieve this in Thunkable but decided to try Kodular as it has no limitations exporting APKS,

Thanks in advanced

You have not asking suggestion instead asking a complete aia… :sob:

Your reading time is less 5min. Have you searched anything in the community? tried anything so for? We are here to help only if an problem found or struck at anywhere

Thanks for the reply. Not to sound harsh, but it’s a bit bold to assume I only read 5 mins. Actually spent some days working on this already. Checked and tried the suggestions on the forum can’t find the correct solution. I am more adept at Thunkable but realized Kodular is more flexible but maybe the learning curve is steep.

Anyway, I’d like to show my blocks that I require some assistance

Here is the whole block

This is the google sheet I am trying to populate with Name (Column B) and Email (Column C)

You have not set blocks for authentication. Since you are new to kodular, first read the firebase authentication, if you prefer

I feel there is no much problem with other fields. Onlything is make sure the location sensor returns lat and long else try with LocationIQ api. Daily 5k read free limits

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Thanks for the suggestion. Long Lat works well, just one out of threee device not reporting the Long Lat properly. Will look into your suggestions. If I find a solution, I will post it here for the others as well.

If they turned off the location service manualy or blocked location service for the device mean then it won’t work. But locationIQ will give you result

I found the solution and sharing for the community.

For my specifc requirements as per my 1st post

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