Getting some errors with Side Menu and Title Bar Icons!

Hey Makers,

here i m getting some error with Side Menu Below:

Argument #2 (…) to ‘io.makeroid.companion.Screen1.SideMenu(’ has wrong type ( (expected:
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

and also with the Title Bar Icons when clicked
call to “Screen1$titlebarselected” has too few arguments (1; must be 2)
Please give a solution for both errors


Show your blocks.

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Here Side Menu Blocks:

Here title bar icon’s blocks:



Any Solution ?? @Peter

Post your aia or send it via pm.

You have a warning see the yellow triangle. an empty else if


some of your images are really big. This should be much smaller.


your app builds for me. Didn’t install and test it.

What’s The recommended size for side menu header Image :question:

filled the block after i gave u the aia :sweat_smile: Sorry! i will test it again!

i still have 1 more warning !!! but can’t find it

And the warning is?

By warning i mean this

Please Tell me!

I dont know. You should test that yourself. But this is much to big.

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and also what about the side menu error i mentions in the first post and also the title bar icon clicked block!

These errors are still there

Can not help you with that. Maybe someone else. Be patient, maybe someone knows the answer.

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it says “wrong type of Side Menu layout” try to change that

use any 16:9 ratio size image

I m using the side menu layout in Makeroid Layouts section.

Expand all your blocks and click “Show Warnings”

After finding the error you can use “Undo” feature to get back your collapsed blocks.

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Please show us how you add the side menu…
Iam sure you do it in the complete wrong way…

You dont need to add the side menu layout component to the screen 1 side menu block…

Just create the menu items and it is added automatic…

Maybe @Sander can help you here…
Else search in the community… You are not the first one who wants to have a side menu…

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Is this Wrong :question: