Getting the list of installed packages


I would like to know if there is a way to get the list of apps that the user installed


You can use Taifun’s solution:

App Inventor Extensions: Package Manager | Pura Vida Apps

You can find related extension and AIA file from bottom of the page.


Thanks , but I do not find the “For each SUBLIST in list…”
For kodular is the block “For each ITEM in list…” the same thing ?

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You can change the name item in every word you like.


Thank you, but i have another problem ! :joy::sob::sob:
look at this :


you might want to try the example project from here App Inventor Extensions: Package Manager | Pura Vida Apps
do you get the same issue there?
the Listview.Elements property might need an update in Kodular?

This extension works only wish a list picker !
But this is not a problem, thank you !

I have another question, will it work with the “List View Image and text” component ?
I would like to know it before buying the Pro version (I can’t test if it works with this component because I can’t get the packages icon)

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if you get an error using a listview, then @Kodular might want to fix this bug…

you might want to ask the author of that extension…


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