Getting this error while loading StartApp Ads

I have integrated StartApp Ads extension in my project but whenevr there is an empty ad it shows me the following Error

I have set blocks to load ad again if ad error occurs but this message pops up !

I have no issues if ad does not load, i just want to get rid of this Error Message, is there any way to disable it ( I have not set any notifier to show this error)

This is the extension developer’s problem. Extension developer must use try-catch statement in code to avoid these errors. Or extension developer needs to check value if value is null or not.

the null value can’t be used in App Inventor platform. Because it is nothing instead of an empty value. So you will get an error when you try to use nothing. It almost equals to leaving block piece as empty.

The only solution is waiting for the extension developer to fix that or you need to remove this extension from your project.

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