Getting this error "your build failed due to error in compile stage"

My project is not compiling please help me how to resolve this issue there are 2132 blocks in my project so unable to post the SS

Refresh your page and crate APK again. I had this problem and that was my solution and worked.

I have refreshed the tab many times and tried to compile in firefox also but then also compiler is giving the error

Any extension you used which component is already available… @ammar5287

These are the extensions which i have used

The solution to the problem is too make another project and copy your screens in your new project…:thinking:

Why not find out the real cause to it

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I tried lot of things the deleted last blocks which i have created, deleted the last extension which i imported, deleted the last screen which i have created before this error start coming…

If you still have that project, then you can check with Winrar or 7zip in your aia file that you do not have a project in assets


there is a asset folder in aia and in external component folder there is one more asset folder

see here:

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There you go, just delete those folders assets, src and youngandroidproject


yeah…i just read your previous article and i deleted all those extra folder…and now everything is working fine…

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one more question why does these things happens

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You can accomplish this depending on which browser you are using, by importing the project as an extension or by accidentally naming your project into aix and importing it as an extension

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