Getting Weather Data from API

Here is the educational source for the app I made using Open Weather API data and Json Utilities to show up weather data natively.

Hope this helps you learn something new !

WeatherMan.aia (345.2 KB) WeatherMan.apk (6.3 MB)

May be my method has a few problems… feel free to point them out !

App Looks Like :


Maybe show some images and blocks?

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I’ve also tryed to make the UI look optimal so you can also learn some new techniques that you didn’t know before !


  • Most of the app I saw uses a image as the background to get gradient effect… But in this I used KIO4’s extension to do that work !
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Hi. All the time shows me the error:


Don’t use Facebook ads. It contains bugs. Team is working on it. Wait for upadte @kammarsoft

I like your design, but I don’t like how in your settings, it just redirects you to a Google Site made by you. The U.S doesn’t use the metric system and I’m stuck trying to figure this formula out for C to F?


Ohh right ! I know but that was the easiest way !

You’re choosing the easiest way out of giving what I think is a user a horrible experience? Your app is run by ads, I think if you could start an ad account, you can drag and drop blocks.

And P.S. not to hammer you anymore than I already have:

That isnt when my sun rises or sets. My sun set at like 6-7 PM, it’s now 11 PM where I am.

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I think on mars yeah you acheived it

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