Gif animated Extension. Clickable. Transparent Background

Hello friends,

I have published an extension about Animated Gif with transparent background in the MIT forums.

  • It needs a Clock and an Image component.
  • The image can be clickable and transparent background.


  • LoadGif , needs a Image component. Image file can be in asset, it is only necessary to write its file name.
    [It could also be in the SdCard, in this case we would write the absolute address /mnt/sdcard/directorio/file.gif]
    We can set a color mask for the transparent background, ¡try several! , white, black, yellow …
  • GetFrameCount , number of frames gif file.
  • GetCurrentFrameIndex , number of actual frame showed.
  • GetNextDelay , delay of next frame, gets of file gif.
  • Clock1.Timer
    Image1.Photo = NextFrame (gets frame, inserts in Image)
  • CopyFrames , decoder each frame and save them in the indicated directory. If the directory does not exist, create it automatically. The directory base is /mnt/sdcard/. It could be saved in subdirectories. Example: images/sports .
  • Events.
    ImageDown and ImageUp, x,y positions of touch in image. inside is a boolean.


I’ve tried it in Kodular and it also works.

p193A_gif_animado_Kodular.aia (955.0 KB)
You can download the extension of …

Create Build Crear App Inventor Extensiones Extensions. GIF animado, Animated GIF Android Click over touch. (com.KIO4_AniGifK.aix (para Kodular)

Juan A. Villalpando.


good :star_struck: :star_struck:

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i will give it a try… nice work.

Keep it on!

After Kodular’s update the extension is giving me this error: /mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/gifcaricamento.gif: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)

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Is work for image sprite???

With Image sprite doesn`t work, only with Image component.

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Try installing the app.

Anyway to use in background. Image components can’t be use in background

may be it writed before, i cant find, but i must ti say
in new version kodular, extension element KIO4_AnimatedGif1 cant work normaly, gif picture placed to the down of screen, and some gifs not showen.
and change of vertical allign dont show any result
how can i fix it, coders ???
help please