GIF Animation Search updated

Application for searching and downloading stickers in GIF format.

  1. GIFs
    GIFs are short, looping, moving images.

  2. Stickers
    Stickers are GIFs with transparent backgrounds. They’re great for layering animated content on top of all kinds of use cases: messaging apps, stories (e.g., IG, Snap, FB etc.), or games. Basically, any time a square frame just won’t do.

  3. Emoji
    Emojis are fully animated emoji stickers. No longer are these familiar, emotive faces frozen in place, as emoji brings life and motion to some all time favorites, as well as some newemojis.

  4. Text
    Text features animated text-based stickers, making it easy to add that perfect amount of sarcasm, enthusiasm, or whatever emotion is needed to the conversation.


apk: GIFDEMO.apk (5.6 МБ)

Aia file price $ 5