GIF components/extension

Hi everyone, i wonder if u use, some animation in your app to make your app adds on-alive in UI/UX, and what kind of components or extension u use.

Describe your issue
Im trying to adds some basic animation, zoom/bounce/flip, just basics, and im having a hard time to find the right components i need. After trying several components and extensions, didnt meet my expectation i want.

Load a GIF in a components or extension using a url in my database.

What i tried

  • Lottie- although this one might be the best (if) but as some topics and by testing it, it crash the app
  • AnimationUtil- this one also is provided by Kodular, but still limited for the setup i want and please read my expectation why this one is not my an option to me.
  • Taifun GIF Webviewer method- can't implement with my project due to everytime i need to use webviewer in such feature
  • CSSAnimation- this one is the best, but only work when fill parent and uncessary side scrollbar is there ..
  • Pedroza Glide- dont allow to compile an apk, even tho it might be conflict by some other extension, after testing finding the confict extension, still dont work.
  • Deephost- Dont compile an apk, besides severe lags, even in an test projects.
  • SaiDev Gif- after following the steps exactly match, still nope
  • and some extension related to animation, and nope. thats why i created this topic to hear some of your ideas and thoughts.

    Please read before commenting
    We different projects, ages, personality,nationalist e.t.c, just try to share only with your nicely opinion,suggestion and recommendation. Without ******************, some sort of power play, pride… “dont use animation”, or “arguing for something” those lines?. It called pride when u didnt agree in this message. Lot of nice people here also, so never be not one of them. Respect. Much love… Please share guys…
    Much appreciated if you cant/can help me with this topic

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I like the topic but not understand why you wrote this. i removed a bit for bad language.

And here you say that you like it if no one will help you.

But back to the subject.

Why do you want to use animated gif in your components? Can you give an example of a gif?

You could use the guide below which i made for a animated background also for buttons but that would take a lot of work on your site if you have multiple buttons you want to animate.


Hi Peter. Thank you for the attention. :joy: my english not too good. By the way, what i want to do is, i have my Gif’s, i uploaded it in my database and each gif have specific URL… i just dont want to store it in app assest… i just want an online gif supported components or extension loader … Those extensions above are good and can work out, but its either can crash, lags, dont supported online url, or fill parent sizing…

where exactly is the problem to use a webviewer to display the GIF?

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Hi taifun… i tried your toturial in GIF using webviewer. since it was perfectly loading an online GIF fron my url, but the problem im having is, when users have poor internet connection, since it dont load well, sometimes the url is the only thing visible in the webviwer, and voila! and for me, in my opinion, it is better to show it empty than showing the error in webviewer that cant load url due to poor internet connction,

I understand… so you have two options:

  1. store the gifs in the assets, or
  2. display a gif from the assets to overcome the waiting time while loading the gif from the internet


hi again taifun… hmm let me explain at my best … In your toturial in your website, the gif is stored in your assets right? Mine im planning to load a gif using url which means online… and yep, in your toturial using gif stored in assets so poor internet not a problem, but mine url, if poor internet the Webpage is not available. thats my concern.

I meanwhile edited my previous answer… see again…

Im appreciating taifun… Okay, my reason for not want to store in my asset due to app size issue, and one more thing before we end up, is thier any chance to manipulate, or to hide the webpage not available er:net error

you could download the gifs into the application specific directory on first run of the app
see also App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Webprefetch File by File | Pura Vida Apps and do a search in the community for application specific directory like this

and solutions to check, if there is internet connection you can find after doing a search in the community…


yep… can you share the correct directory for the asset… im tried the file:///mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/ its working in one my screen… using the App Inventor without editing that only adding the file name of gif. then in other webviewer… it dont work, say that Err: FILE NOT FOUND i tried to export and import the gif, thought that my file is courrputed but no… after i notice.Page not available with "file:///mnt/sdcard/Makeroid/assets/.

may be a simple extension can do this work

lets see if i can, cant ensure anything right now

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.