Give me design challenge

Kodular is mainly for App Development. So please do not expect this…
Pubg and similar are high level game softwares they can’t be made so easily…

oh but i made a game ui design not related to pubg but other games
in horizontle mode

It’s similar as side menu…

try this… it made with kodular…

Yes, I can made this but problem is I am busy.

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WOW…great Buddy…any guide for this or any extension u used to make?

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sorry too busy for every new challanges

I have 2 projects to complete fast. When the projects is complete then I make designs.

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i will make app of ui so wait for it there will lots of ui and extensions too

sure… no problem

Hey Whatsup Guys,
Here is my new design.

APK Link:- Side Menu Design.apk (5.2 MB)

Please give rate to my design out of 10.


Need animation it’s not good looking

I know but I am still busy. So, I made only design.

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use this for better animation

i can create any side menu left and right slide

Why not try it out… We would love to see it…

u can create just use float action view and set gravity and use animation

make this ui -

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It’s possible to make…
But image coming from outside to inside is just a video editing :joy::joy:

But will make sample of it​:+1:
Whenever I’ll get time…
Also it’s not possible with animscroll as that extension is mainly for changing behaviour on scrolls…
It’s possible with another extension I’ve not uploaded…