Give me ideas for extension

I am new to extension development and Java so can anyone suggest me extension to make.
I already know basics like math extension etc so can anyone suggest idea and help me when I stuck

  1. UPI payments extension
    We should get list of available upi apps and so we can show it in our own UI and we can redirect user to selected UPI app

  2. Youtube Player extension with customization


These are all extensions there are. Think of something that is not made yet.

But like you said you are new to extensions building. Take your time to grow. I am not an extension developer so can not help with that.


Try to create an alarm app with more functionality

Make peer to peer (P2P) File transfer extension we need in future and i need it now, also make Voice call (VOIP= Voice over ip) extension

I would be happy about an extension that allows calendar entries to be made and retrieved easily.
I know the instruction and tutorial guideline etc, but a extension with blocks that do the most would be very cool.

You can do that without extension…

Perhaps an extension that can encrypt and decrypt Caesar Encryption? Only for fun because Caesar encryption doesn’t give ANY security. Just because you said:

(And also because of today’s daily challenge (I made):blush: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:):Daily Challenge #61

:joy: :joy:

You can create an extension that transforms a json to csv or even a sqlite table, it would be fantastic. I can sponsor this extension.

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make screen recorder extension

Please make a free grid card View extension


that’s not possible with kodular at the moment, but there is a proof of concept


Challenge yourself creating an internal screen audio recorder extension. Since Google remove this feature in some android version, many people are searching this kind of app in Googe search, it can allow us to create such an app feature like that.

This needs to be able to be done using Kodular, PLEASE.

Do you want extension for that???
Pm me