Giving time as a reward for users

hello I want to create a language learning app for people but I can not do it in android studio I dont know codes
I am thinking about to make a website and create app using website (webview)
I dont have idea how to add ads in that app
I want to give users time as reward after watching admob rewarded ads
and I want to offer to remove ads if they pay a little money
I am new here and I dont have experience
can I do all these thing here in kodular ?
if you help me to do that or show me the tutorials for these things I will be glad

Thanks a lot
I like and love kodular

Let’s start from end!

Yes, you can do beyond of your imagination here on Kodular. All you need to have some creative ideas!

More you spend time, more you learn! These are basics and I suggest you to Spend time on community, read previous discussions and do experiments on Kodular Creator…