GLOBAL Variable but NOT really GLOBAL

Hello to all, I confuse how to make G_KdBrg recognize in screen.initialize?

Error List


Error not error

If i use first picture then error come up (2nd picture)

However if i run 3rd picture, no error (G_KdBrg recognize).

How to make G_KdBrg recognize in screen1.initialize?

Because in my apps i need G_KdBrg recognize in any procedure I use.

Thanks 4 Ur help

What blocks are you using 1st picture or 2nd picture

your error Clearly says, you have obtained no value from airtable… Make sure you have entered correct api key, base id, table name, as well as no empty row in airtable

it is not possible. after obtaining values from airtable only you can use that else it will show empty list

If you want to access that global data in anyother screen mean, after getting data from column save it in a tinydb and access it anywhere from screen using the same tag name with same tinydb name space

I try to use global data on the same screen. U can see on 1st picture, that all code in the same screen. If I “set Label1.text” in screen1.initialize block, error come up on 2nd picture, how ever if I “set Label1.text” in "When column " block no error.

My point is why my global variable G_KdBrg not recognize in Screen.init but recognize in When column, meanwhile both blocks in the same screen

try to understand the uses of global variable

api key, base id, table name are correct, as well as no empty row in airtable.
Prove in 3rd picture, no error and data of G_KdBrg index 1 come up in label1.txt with value 1

My Understand of global variable is that variable can be used in any procedure as long as in the same screen.
My block program in that picture is in the same screen


see the order… Global G KdBrg getting values in step 3 only but you are trying to access in step 2

How do is possible? :thinking:


In this picture the order is correct. You are trying to access in step 3 but in step 2 itself you got values, so no error.

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I thought after spreadsheet.get column next iteration would be spreadsheet.GotColumn so I assuming set Label.text in Screen.initialize have got value.

Thanks 4 ur explaination

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