Good Morning Kodular Eagle πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

Good morning to all Koders :sunglasses:

Here waiting for the last SneakPeek at 7:00 here in the Community (Uruguay) (In 20 minutes)
What will this last SneakPeek be? :thinking:

Kodular 1.4 Eagle :eagle: will be launched…

17 de agosto de 2019 13:00 (GMT-3)

TIK TAK :smiley:


All sneak peeks have been released already. :thinking:

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the last one is remaining, it will be only in community

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Oh okay you’re talking about that one. I thought about the Premiere series. :joy:

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:joy::sweat_smile: I should have clarified before

That forgetfulness is called anciety

I remember your words lets see if you change them after update

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I liked the sneak peek before the notification:sunglasses:


Yeah, I noticed your like and reaction just after I posted it :joy:


I know it will be big
But you said last ones will be best

the last reaction is mentioned for the update not for the last sneakpeek and, I am very happy to hear the update is just 2 days far:relieved:

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uhm(clearing throat)

Want to say something about new update @krish.jha

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ya huge
but i dont said update will not be good
i said sneek peeks was ummmmmmmmmmmmm