Google Ad manager and google Adsense

my Google Adsense is suspended .
is it possible for google ad manager

Because of?

I hope it will be banned due to

  1. Fraudulent Clicks – Google is extremely good at determining invalid clicks. Some publishers have thought that by contacting friends and family, having them search for their site, find, and then click on the ads keeps them in the clear but this is a huge risk and not at all worth the minimal rewards you might receive. Others have attempted to cloak their traffic or use automated software that will click on the sites for them which, of course, is unacceptable and deemed invalid activity.

  2. Fake Traffic – Publishers will either purchase loads of invalid traffic from often-shady sources or will buy websites where the majority of traffic is coming from shady sources. Often this traffic will have no interest in the particular subject, but does results in clicks that cost the advertiser money. This type of traffic is harmful to advertisers…they’re paying for traffic that will, ultimately, not convert for them. Sticking to search engine optimization (SEO) is a safer route for bloggers and site owners.

  3. Previously Banned Account – Sometimes publishers that have previously been banned will attempt to sign up for another account by changing their name, using a friend’s contact information, etc. Google is very adept at catching this and will shut you down when caught. Instead of signing up again yourself, consider the options we give below.

( May be another reason, but overall this will be the Primary reasons)

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