Google ads manager earning!

bandicam 2021-09-18 05-34-54-559

What you think ? Earning is very low compared to Admob!
20,574 impression = 9.37 USD!!!


How much should your earnings be?

low earning

124 click 2 dollar


i think click is very important for better earnings!
btw My income has not been added to my main balance yet, Will it be added if it is 15 USD?

estimad 25 To 30 USD

How did you get the traffic to your app?

I have 1.5K active people in my App PlayStore!

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How did you bring the downloads? Did you run ads or was it all organic?

adword + organic download

Can you tell me, how much did you spend on admob ads and the downloads you got.

I’m trying to promote an app and I don’t want to over spend.

adword bidding is depend on your app type! my app keyword CPI is so low so im spend 500 rupee and get 250-300 install with 1.5 rupee bidding!

Do you continue to get organic installs after you run ads? May I know what kind of apps do you publish.

I have a question Please ,
which is better rewarded ads or click-only ads, and how much do you give me rewarded ads?

im not test Rewarded ads bcz my app not compaile with this ads!