Google adsense and advertisement

I want to add ads to my app with google adsense
but i don’t know how to do
Could you help

The ad should appear like this, but I don’t know how to do google adsense

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Hello, AdSense ads are used in websites. However, it seems that you’re trying to use Google ad manager. Head forward to Docs to learn more about it.

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You must subscribe to a premium plan
Add Admob ads and link them to Adsense

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can it be done with javascript and html

He’s trying to use Google ad manager, not AdSense. Look at the image he shared. Premium is not needed for using GAM

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but when i try to enter
Google is reviewing your AdSense account application. When you receive a confirmation email, you can sign in to Ad Manager.
I get an error

The use of Google ads will be paid by kodular only.
As for Admob, payment will be via Adsense

And the transfer takes time. I can’t really tell, they say they issue lots on Monday.