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Dishaa Diagnostics

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simple diagnostics apps


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It’s a new ploblem for me. Please help.


How??? Can I ignore and continue??

Playstore update api level limit …when we upload any app in playstore …asking for api level 31 … it’s urgent for update …when api level 30 to 31 update in kodular …pls any one reply …or any other option for update api level pls discuss with me


the truth is embarrassing that no one from the staff takes care of anything, they want you to buy a membership that has no support of any kind, to use a faulty platform, full of errors that if it were not for its users would come crashing down, a total lack of respect.


As a workaround until Kodular targets API 31 you can try this



do you think that is the right thing? I am not premium because kodular does not allow me, but those who paid for it deserve a service that corresponds and that the staff comes out to show their faces, they are all refugees. a shame.

This platform is sustained at the expense of its users and they are being disrespected.
Perhaps my comment annoys, and censorship is the order of the day, so one should limit oneself to commenting on things that the kodular staff likes, but it is a reality


I’m only providing a workaround here for those, who can’t wait, nothing else… and this wokaround is relevant only for new apps…

Btw. App Inventor itself still targets API 30 and most probably our busy Kodular team is waiting for App Inventor else they have to do the work themselves…



isnt there any solution about this problem? We need an anwer as an premium user. @Vishwas @Diego

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Wait for next updates, anything not else

you have 2 options: use the workaround or wait for the new version


Why do not published on google playstore… google ruls minimum sdk 31 but kodulas has a 29 can i published my app now.

I moved your question to the SDK 31 thread…follow the workaround or wait… just read my previous answers here …
And next time please search before asking


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Thanks for the support team
You can close the topic here
I hope kodular will update as soon as possible
thanks a lot

Good morning friends​:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: ,…in my “Kodular Premium Account the API is 29 :pensive:”,…Google Play asks me for API 30 "at least":triumph:.

Why don’t I have API 30?..
Is there any solution? :pray:

I used the search BUT only found very vague references to “as project settings”

The minimal SDK and the segmentation SDK are different, but when downloading the aab file, it “doesn’t automatically set itself to api 30”

Attentive to your comments


please tell me how to solve this issue , kindly follow my attached screenshot .

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It looks like you are talking about the minimum SDK… Google however is talking about the target SDK, which should be 31 for new apps… Kodular still uses SDK 30…

Currently you have 2 options: adjust the manifest or wait, see the answers in this thread