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Hi all - I have created a full live Video for converting API target level 30 to API target level 31 and sign that AAB file. It will help you to publish your APP.

Thanks to @bodymindpower and this community for all their guidance on this.

Direct links to the video in G-drive: SDK 30 to 31 Conversion Tutorial.mp4 - Google Drive

If the video does not play - you can try the below method to play this video.

Download and install the below App from Google Play store:
QR Code Scanner & QR Generator - Apps on Google Play

Then click on ‘SCAN QR CODE’ - You can see 2 videos.

If this video is helpful and you want to thank me then just use my APP and give 5 star in play store.


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Esse problema é da atualização nova e o kodular não esta atualizado com o nível 31 deveremos aguarda novas atualização o ultimo nível 30

a novo politica do play console não vai publica ate sua versão esteja no nível pedido

agora app ja instalados poderão fazer atualizações ate certo tempo

espero ter ajudado você…

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This problem is from the new update and kodular is not updated with level 31 we must wait for new updates the last level 30 the new play console policy will not publish until your version is at the requested level now app already installed will be able to make updates for a while, I hope I helped you…

the problem is the Play console update is up to date on the latest version of Androids

This application is new, you are making the first post on the Play Store, this is the detail, the kodular only has level 30 and as the Play console update is up to 31 it is not in accordance with the Play console policy

how long will we go without being able to upload apps on play store due to Kodular error?

“Your app’s target API level is currently 30. However, this level must be at least 31 for your app to use the latest APIs, which have security and performance optimizations. Change the desired API level of the app to at least 31”

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Don’t Spam 1st search on Community Already Solution Available

As a workaround until Kodular targets API 31 you can try this

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This work around not works for everyone specially for those who are using firebase componets in the app.
And seriously they are working on kodular premium instead of sdk 31. is this worth for premium users?
Atleast like before they can just update menifest sdk to 31 to avoid handling such things externally.
Its very disappointing now.

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Dear Kodular team, we are prime member of your website we support you and we love to use your platform but if your api is out of date it is no use subscribing to it waste our money , so we request you to update your api because we can create application but can not publish on play store and this is a very big problem solve it as soon as possible otherwise we have to leave your platform. Tags removed by Mod


Im´m still waiting a target date the Kodular team will launch the update version the enable to users created app in API 31


i can not do anything
and the premuim month


I can help you… if you need it

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Tks for your help. I saw some videos that you change manifest and other stuffs. However, I and many users want to Kodular upgrade the plataform. This is a basic issue.


they are busy in kodular premium membership works… thats why they are unable to upgrade to api 31.


I want to publish my app on Google Play but it need a minimum API level, the API31.

I see that you will make it soon in the release, but I really need it soon !

It is possible to know the date when you will make that ?

Your incredible, best regards from Switzerland, Martin :heart: