Google ask Api 31

watch this video fix 10000% can upload to play store

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which video ?

Hello kodular please update API 31 and also add admob extantion

how can i upgrade sdk andriod 11 sdk

I moved your question to the SDK 31 thread…follow the workaround or wait… just read the previous answers here …
And next time please search before asking


We have been waiting for api 30-31 version for a long time. Unfortunately we can’t upload our apps to google play. We bought a premium membership, but in general, it was not a solution. There are some solutions on the page, but I tried all of them but no solution. Please solve this problem. I don’t understand why it is expected.


i think first app inventr need to update it…
then only kodular

Good morning, do you have any forecast of when API 31 in Kodular will be updated?

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how many days will we wait ? what are we waiting for? Where is the modarators? WHY ANYONE CANT ANSWER US? Update this anymore.


Sincerely they have to be work on sdk 31 first instead of premium membership. For premium membership first of all, platform should be 100% working or atleast uploadable to play store. what will be the benefit after getting premium membership, if we are unable to upload apps on play store?
very disappointing…


New apps can only be released with API 31 regardless of the minimum API

Edit manually the manifest file and change into 31 then recompile the apk. Search in community regarding this issue

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see this announcement by MIT

and wait a few days more (or weeks depending on the speed of the Kodular team) until it is also available in Kodular


The SDK 31 update will be coming at the end of the month, most likely. The SDK 31 update is available for testing at if you would like to help test. You will want to import any relevant projects as well as your Keystore from the production server if you are going to do that.

The update coming in the next few days is to address changes in Google Chrome and related browsers that will break App Inventor companion connectivity in October and also allow us to transition to serving App Inventor over HTTPS.

Hello kodular team please attention
I can’t upload apps in google play store
Please help me updated API 31 version

Please Read these posts:

Also this:

I Hope it helps you!



I’m in the process of publishing my new APP on the Google Play Store, but when I add my .AAB file, the following error appears:

“Currently, your app’s target API level is 30. However, this level must be at least 31 for your app to use the latest APIs, which have security and performance optimizations. Change the target API level. App API to at least 31.”

Any suggestions to solve it and be able to continue publishing it?




Estou em processo de publicação de meu novo APP na Google Play Store mas, quando adiciono meu arquivo .AAB é exibido o seguinte erro:

“No momento, o nível desejado da API do seu app é 30. No entanto, esse nível precisa ser de pelo menos 31 para que o app use as APIs mais recentes, que contam com otimizações de segurança e desempenho. Mude o nível desejado da API do app para pelo menos 31.”

Alguma sugestão para resolvê-lo e conseguir prosseguir na publicação do mesmo?


I moved your question into this thread…
It looks like you forgot to search the community before asking…

Read this thread to find the solution

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