Google authentication not working

Hi. I think many of you have this problem:
If you use your Google account to sign in to the app (block sign with Google) Should use the log out block or log in to the current user. Unfortunately it does not work. Do I need to log in to log in to the current user or logout to work every time? :grin:

Log out only works if you Sign up first. That’s why you can’t set Log Out system on Google Email Log in.

And Get Current User not Use too?

Read previous reply carefully.

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And if you register by email on SCREEN1 is it going to work logout on Screen2?

If you use Firebase auth or any database to Sign up and Log in… Then you can use Logout button.

Bro i think I can help u did you add services.json to your project and if yes then did you add sha1 key to you firebase project when registering app??

Of course, yes. I did not work just block, but I have everything I understand.